Budget Day

A very merry Budget Day. As usual, these pages will be avoiding serious analysis and dealing solely in the frivolous and ethereal.

The Rt. Hon. George Osborne MP will almost undoubtedly be the last Chancellor of the Exchequer to use the famous Budget Box. Used to convey the papers of Chancellors since Gladstone had it commissioned in around 1860, the box has - in living memory - shown rather severe signs of age. 

Dean Village

From a walk along the Water of Leith in Edinburgh.

The building on the right is Well Court, built in 1886 and extensively restored in 2007 by the Edinburgh World Heritage Trust. Originally designed as workers' housing complete with social facilities, it is today used as private flats.

The small pedestrian bridge is part of the Water of Leith walkway which extends from Balerno, in the city's south-west to the Port of Leith, where the river flows into the Firth of Forth. The two towers in the far distance are of the Dean Gallery, part of the National Galleries of Scotland and effectively combined with the neighbouring Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.

Commonwealth Day 2013

Marking Commonwealth Day this year the Queen, acting as Head of the Commonwealth, will be formally signing the new Charter of the Commonwealth agreed by the member nations in December last year.

London in Gigapixel

BT has created a record-breaking 320 gigapixel panoramic photograph of London during the 2012 Olympic Games. Taken from the top of the British Telecom (formerly, Post Office) Tower in Camden.
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