A toast to Glasgow

I very much liked the idea of Belle & Sebastian's 2008 calendar and postcard series delightfully entitled A Toast to Glasgow. Having made enquiries, I found the photograph above was taken on the Cathkin Braes, south of the city. I went there. It was pleasant.

Anyway, the calendar and postcards featured some rather good photographs, often of lesser-known Glaswegian destinations. Not having the advantage of a decent photographer, camera or indeed a day to walk around Glasgow (it's a hell of a thing living in the north) I've tracked down some pictures for your collective delectation. Enjoy.

Down the River Clyde, with Glasgow Green and the Gorbals in the foreground
Park Circus, one of the noblest looking parts of the West End.The towered building in the centre is a former theological college. Unfortunately, these spires have lost their dominant position on the Glasgow skyline as a result of high-rise development around Charing Cross.
St Andrew's in the Square, a former church on the boundary between the Merchant City and the East End. The building is now a function venue, and the square has recently been renovated.
The Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery: undoubtedly one of the finest cultural attractions in northern Britain. A palace of art and history in the heart of Kelvingrove Park.
The University of Glasgow's 19th century Gilbert-Scott building, also on Kelvingrove Park. The wonders of this part of the city need little explanation. Although modern development has been somewhat insensitive, it has at least kept the buildings at the centre of university life. The modern science block to the right of the image replaced a very nice rotunda and some other pleasantly understated additions, whilst the developments on University Avenue did away with older buildings to create the University Library which was intended to be, with the appropriate vulgarity of the age, a 'warehouse for books'.

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