Propaganda has become a very dirty word indeed, undoubtedly up there with 'crevice' as words not to be deployed in front of your local clergyman. Although a recent construction, dating back only to the 18th century and bastardised (another slightly dirty word) from the Latin verb propagare. Back in the good old days, those rather shady ministries of information in certain countries were called, quite simply, the Ministry of Propaganda. How disappointing it is that such pleasant-sounding words fall into desuetude so quickly.

The intention of today's post is not to eulogise, but to celebrate the finest propaganda I have ever come across. In 1942, Abram Games OBE (1914-1996), a Jewish Briton, designed the Your Britain: Fight for It Now series of posters. Inspiring, and tapping directly into the psyche of the British person and considering how he relates to his country. An honourable mention must also go to his Festival of Britain emblem, drawn up in 1951.

In addition to his perhaps 'quaint' town-and-country scenes, Games also showed an optimism about the future development of his country. The series expanded to imagine modern housing, schools and health centres growing up out of the rubble of post-war Britain. Not bad for a bit of propaganda.

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